6 years later…


Our wedding day – the day I said hello to a new life with the love of my life – was also the day I said goodbye to my life in the DR and flew to the US to make a new home in a new country. I left my dear family and precious church – thus all the tears in the video. 🙂 I left home gladly because Ethan would be home. What a home Ethan has been! Such a sweet, sweet picture of the home I have found in Jesus. I didn’t realize, though, there would be much grieving these past 6 years over the loss of belonging I had in my culture, my country, my home church of 28 years, my beloved family. Yet through multiple cross cultural moves, and as I have grieved & ran to seek refuge in others and not Christ; as I have repented & tasted the reality of my union with Christ, He has opened my eyes to the real and lasting Home that I can’t ever lose. Jesus, my Home, has found me and will never let me go. 


Encouragement Through Song

Sovereign Grace Music recently released this album, Sooner Count the Stars: Worshipping the Triune God. I discovered it last week and have been so blessed by it. Two songs have met me where I am right now.

Cling to Christ reminds me so much of the truths I have been writing about here on the blog, especially these lyrics:

Father, all my earthly aims in time will turn to dust
Let me learn that loss is gain for those who know Your love
All the treasures of this world will never satisfy
You alone are endless joy, so, I cling to Christ

Blessed Assurance is the deepest prayer of my heart.

Come, Holy Spirit, my soul assure
Relieve my fears that I no more
May doubt the love of Christ for me
That my debt is paid, that I’ve been made free
O Comforter, in me reside
When the tempter speaks be my faithful Guide
Show Your promise is for me secured
For the battle be my heavenly sword

May the Spirit minister to you today through these songs, exactly how you need it.

Much love to you, my friend.